Example Scripts

Downloadable example scripts for Python SOPs and CVEX SHOPs.

Example Houdini HIP Files and other Bonus Things

Downloadable .hip files and possibly useful figures. HIP files give useful node layouts, and prebuilt shaders and rendering configurations.

Render an Image

Import a sample dataset, modify a shader, and render an image.

Load Data with a Python SOP

Write your own Python SOP which utilizes yt to load data directly from a simulation snapshot file and uploads it as a Houdini Volume node.

More About Shaders

Step inside a shader node and modify its contents.

More About Cameras

Learn how to create more complex camera objects and paths.

Simple Analysis Plots

An ongoing repository of how to make different kinds of analysis plots with Houdini.

Install pyopenvdb

Tips and tricks for installing the Python library for OpenVDB.

Use Python VDB Converter

Use Python and yt to preprocess large data files to the sparse VDB file format by applying thresholding.