• Jill

    Jill Naiman

    I am currently an NSF and ITC postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. I also wrote AstroBlend, a Python library for Blender which allows the scientist visualize their data within Blender. I've got a real science website with real science on it here, or if you're interested in the hydrodynamics of gas in dwarf galaxies and clusters, check out a few papers I've been a part of on NASA ADS. Unrelated blinky things can be found here.

  • Kalina

    Kalina Borkiewicz

    I am a visualization programmer in the AVL at the NCSA at the University of Illinois, where my primary work involves writing software, scripts, and plugins to analyze, import, visualize, and render various types of scientific data. Some of the main tools I code for include Houdini, yt, Virtual Director, and Blue Waters. Some of the cool, recent stuff I've done (with AJ!) includes working on the fulldome show "Solar Superstorms", and the IMAX film "A Beautiful Planet".

  • AJ

    AJ Christensen

    I'm also a visualization programmer for the AVL at the NCSA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I focus on scripting, scene design, derived data, and data flow, and I am a super-user of visual effects tools like Maya and Houdini. In addition to my film credits with the AVL, I contributed to the science-inspired renderings of gravitational lensing around a black hole in the Christopher Nolan film "Interstellar" at Double Negative.


  • Haoming

    Haoming Lai

    While working on ytini, Haoming was a senior undergraduate at the University of Illinois, majoring in Electronic and Computer Engineering. He was an intern as part of the SPIN prorgam at the NCSA. Curretly, he is working on getting his Master's degree from Brown University.

If you use ytini in your work please cite us!

NASA ADS link for the first ytini paper is here.

For AMR-specific usages, please include the second paper linked here.

Or use:

  1. Naiman, J.P., Borkiewicz, K., & Christensen, A.J. 2017, PASP, 129, 058008
  2. Borkiewicz, Kalina; Naiman, J. P.; Lai, Haoming, The Astronomical Journal, Volume 158, Issue 1, article id. 10, 18 pp. (2019).

This work is supported by a NSF grant AST-1402480, NSF award for CADENS ACI-1445176.